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Hello world!

I have started this blog initially as part of a project and assignment for my Digital Storytelling class @ Full Sail University Online.

After my “About” page, where I discussed how I came about the name for my blog I felt that my initial post should be how I came about the logo and the theme I chose to use.

While perusing the cost-free themes available for WordPress, I felt that it was Kismet when I discovered the Vertigo theme:

I felt this way because the first designer we explored as a class was Saul Bass.

Mr. Bass designed the Title Sequence for the movie Vertigo

As well as the Movie Poster:

A terrific component of this theme is the font. The name of the font is Hitchcock:

Due to the fact that many elements that gone into creating the font were attributed to the work Mr. Bass did on Alfred Hitchcock movies. Their collaboration was documented in this detailed site:

As for the logo I have used somewhat of a placeholder as I haven’t taken the necessary time to work on the concept I have in mind.   I am considering a siren/banshee, or as some may refer to it, a “Screamin’ Mimi”.

I googled siren mermaid and found exactly what I had in mind but in black & white:

And multi colored :,482×482,navy,womens,fafafa.jpg

Ivy Izzard created this piece of artwork, her work could be found there:

What I wanted was this design monochromatically.  In order to achieve this, I opened the fine in Photoshop.  Created a rough and quick mask of the mermaid then I changed the hue and saturation.  Once that was complete I opened a canvas the size limits for the WordPress header.  I pulled the new colorized version over to the new canvas size.  I positioned it to allow the canvas to crop it so the title would show well.

I do plan on contacting the artist Ivy Izzard for permission and rights.

This is exactly what see THRU THESES EYES when I invasion Screamin’ Mimi.


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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. ptoriello

    Great blog and I bet it will go FAR further than your assignment. Best of luck and continue with the great designs.

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