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Welcome Fall……


Well fall has officially arrived.  I for one can’t stand the color weather.  I have often thought of moving somewhere warm, perhaps even Florida.

But, then I think of the four seasons.  I am lucky enough to live in Western Pennsylvania.  For those of you who may not be aware, this is one of the best places to live to view the changes of the seasons.  The photo I placed above is from the Czech Republic.  The photographer did an amazing job capturing the four seasons with the same tree.

Of course my favorite colors are those of fall.  The gorgeous crimsons, deep oranges, bright yellows; the trees appear to be on fire and it spreads like a blanket over the hills.

Fall was my mother’s favorite time of the year.  My mother was from Webster Springs, West Virginia. To my mother “home” was the best place in the world to see the leaves change.  I can still hear her say” I can’t wait to get home I just love seeing the changing of the leaves.”  Sometimes, Mom would escape from the life of five children and go home for a weekend, when the leaves would start to change.

At times when she couldn’t go, she might suggest a visit to my father’s mother.  She’d say” Let’s take the scenic route.”  I knew that mean we would drive the long way through the farm lands as slow as we could, so we could enjoy the colors of fall.

When my mother became older and ill, she was unable to drive to enjoy her colors.  My father knowing how much my mother loved and missed going home.  Found a little house by a creek with about a dozen trees so she could sit out on the porch and take delight in them without going far.

My mother‘s birthday is Tuesday (October 10th) It will be four years now since she left us.  Just three days after her birthday.  Not a day goes by that she isn’t missed.  I thank her for giving me the opportunity to experience the miraculous changing of the seasons with her.  I especially thank her for giving me so many memories to comfort me with her loss.

When I see a tree decked out in its magnificent fall finery, those stunning colors ablaze on the branches. I think of her.  I know she is admiring them from heaven. I love you Mom!  Thank you.


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