Make it at Home – Magazine Cover

Comfort Food

Comfort Food

All this cold weather has me thinking about comfort food…. some yummy stuffed peppers… Would you pick this up at the grocery store?  Feedback Welcome…. :o)


The STORM CELLAR Gastro Lounge– Menu Project

Pamela_Bolger-menu    link for a pdf


and a quick glance image

I had a great deal of fun creating the items for this menu.  Someday it may be more than a dream.  Look it over, feel free to make suggestions about the items of the layout.  Hope it makes you hungry.

The Glove Box – GAUNTLET – The Artist Brand – Nitrile Gloves

My package design project

My package design project

Our assignment was to design a logo and create a realistic package for a fictitious product.

I created the parent brand GAUNTLET and the product brand THE GLOVE BOX.

The product is black nitrile exam gloves to be used in tattoo and piercing studios.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.