I’m Pamela (Pamblah) –

I am a Graphic Design Student @ Full Sail University Online.

Please don’t be alarmed if I jump around the different types of media, as I have an eclectic taste in books, music and art.  I plan to share what intrigues and interests me here, as well as some of my own work.

Please feel free to make constructive comments.  Since one of the elements we work on in each class is critiquing.  I hope that you will help by following a simple format.  If you don’t like something…. Please give a specific reason as to WHY you don’t.  It would be great as well if you would make a suggestion on how to improve it.   It’s all about learning to make things better.

As I tell my children (I have three) everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as they can substantiate it.

I certainly don’t want to threaten to delete comments.  We are all adults.  Let’s be sure to behave as such.

Thank You in advance for visiting and participating in the experience.

– Pamblah


An Abstract about my blog:


Title:  Thru These Eyes @ Sreamin’ Mimi Design.com

The name I do design work under is Screamin’ Mimi Design.   (My granddaughter calls me Mimi) “Thru these eyes” was a term I used to describe the way I saw something to my fiancé.

Planned Accomplishment:  What I hope to do in my work is to express the way I see something thru my own inner eyesight, be that in appreciation, or thru creative expression.

Primary Motivation: The proposed subject matter for my blog will be to share things that I find amazing, interesting or intriguing from all areas of media.

Secondary Motivation: additional subject would be to post my on work for constructive critique and feedback.


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